Unexplored terrain – How and why I began dream interpretation

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.”

– The Talmud

Welcome dear reader to An Unread Letter; a blog that aims to aid the dreamer in deciphering and understanding the wide array of dreams that are born from the unconscious mind.

unread letter

One of the main motivations in sharing my passion and experience in dream interpretations was my dissatisfaction from reading existing online material. You, fellow dreamer, in your quest to interpreting your dreams, may have also come across countless ‘dream dictionaries’ which claim to provide on-demand interpretations based on the symbolism of objects or occurrences in dreams. A unique dream, manifesting the very personal fears and hopes of individuals cannot have generic, one-size meanings for every dreamer. I wish to share with all of you a process of interpretation that I have followed over the years and hopefully you will realize the beautiful complexity coming together in your head every night.

My interest in dream analysis was piqued 15 years ago, when I was 19, in my first year of Engineering. A couple of strange dreams intrigued me and so I went about looking for books that could explain them. Here I chanced upon Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud may have been many things and at times wildly unpopular, but his singular book on dreams changed my life forever.

I initially started by questioning my own dreams, applying Freud’s principles of wish fulfillment and sought to make sense of them. Unable to contain my excitement and eager to share what seemed like a discovery to me, I began discussing dreams with my sister. A few years later this extended to a few of my friends. Over time I found that I had developed a template for the process and that it could be taught and learned.

I soon came to the realization that dreams were not an odd quirk of the brain during sleep – they were gateways into our minds. We could unravel the secrets harbored by our inner selves simply by analyzing our dreams; so much about what we want, what we fear and about the feelings we deny ourselves. I can humbly and yet proudly proclaim that my dream interpretations have been accurate and immensely helpful to me and my loved ones.

I would like to state though that I am an Engineer by profession and have no professional qualifications in this field. What I write about is something that I have discovered from years of satisfactory interpretations, especially for the people around me. I would also like to caution the reader that while it is helpful to have someone guide you during dream interpretation, only the dreamer can have the “aha” moment and ‘feel’ that the interpretation is correct. Also, please remember that dream interpretation is not an exact science; all of us stumble on the path to self-discovery.

I won’t keep you any longer. Please browse through all of the material and I truly hope that you learn what I have learnt and open that bundle of unread letters just waiting to be read.

– Akash Mansukhani

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